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Tag: URL Shortener

SharePoint URL Shortener

5 October, 2011 (14:57) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

A few years ago I developed a free SharePoint URL Shortener and released it to the community. I have not had much time to go back to it since.  I had some time recently and decided to add a feature that I have wanted to have for a long time and many have asked for. […]

SharePoint URL Shortener – Feature Highlight

1 September, 2009 (07:25) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

There is a feature in my SharePoint URL Shortener solution that was not included in the video I posted on YouTube recently. I thought I would take the time to spotlight this feature because it may not be too obvious. The video highlights the ability to generate a short URL by using the drop down […]

SharePoint URL Shortener Codeplex site has been published and is live!

29 August, 2009 (16:43) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

The SharePoint URL Shortener Codeplex site has been published and is now publically available (as promised from yesterdays post). As a reminder, the URL is If you have any problems, please post something on the Codeplex site and/or hit me up on Twitter (@PaulLiebrand). Thank you and please be gentle!

SharePoint Url Shortener – it’s finally here!

28 August, 2009 (23:32) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

After many iterations and delays I am pleased to announce that my SharePoint Url Shortener (initial version) is finally here! There is still some work to be done on this but I have decided to release it in its current state to start getting some feedback from the community. Here is a demonstration of the […]