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Tag: SharePoint 2010

Claims / Domain Users via Object Model Cautions

23 September, 2013 (10:15) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 have moved over to claims based authentication hast he recommended authentication method. If you do any programming against the object model here are a few things you need to be aware of. Consider the following scenario: The web application is setup for claims based authentication. You have a user account […]

SharePoint 2010 “Create New Site” Silverlight Bug?

19 December, 2012 (13:01) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

I was recently attempting to setup a very specific security model in a SharePoint 2010 environment that I have used in a SharePoint 2007 environment. After I configured the necessary permission levels and SharePoint groups, I went to create a new site and found out that the interface was not displaying the options as I […]

User Profile Database Growth Issue Resolved

16 April, 2012 (08:15) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

It appears the User Profile Database growth issue I posted about previously has been resolved with the February cumulative update for SharePoint 2010. In my previous post, a temporary solution was provided that involved creating a stored procedure and running it on a scheduled basis to clean up the appropriate tables. In reviewing the KB […]

SharePoint 2010 Analytics Reports coming up blank when customizing?

15 September, 2011 (13:06) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

I was recently evaluating the web analytic reporting capabilities within SharePoint 2010 and ran into a strange problem.  Although the reports were displaying correctly they would appear blank if I attempted to “Customize” them. After spending a few hours scouring the Internet and reading different posts and solutions I was able to piece together a […]

SharePoint and the “Cannot move <filename>: Cannot read from the source file or disk.” error via Windows Explorer View

24 June, 2011 (15:35) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

Using Windows Explorer view to copy and/or move files around is one of the most preferred methods for end-users when they are using SharePoint. It is a very familiar process because they have used it for years with network shares. I am sure that ever person that has used the Windows Explorer view has attempted […]

User Profile Synchronization Database Growing Out of Control?

26 May, 2011 (14:38) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

If you have worked with SharePoint 2010 and created a User Profile Service Application (UPA) you may have noticed that your SyncDB is growing larger each and every day. Search around the Internet, you will find posts like this: Other people are definitely having this problem and there are no solutions on how to […]

SharePoint 2010 Markup Style Bug

21 January, 2011 (07:02) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

We discovered a bug in SharePoint 2010 and the usage of the markup styles when you are editing a page. To reproduce this issue, follow these instructions: Create a new page Click Markup Styles and select Heading 1 Type “Test 1” and press enter Click Markup Styles and select Heading 2 Type “Test 2” and […]

SharePoint 2010 Toolbar Missing in Asset Picker

12 January, 2011 (08:49) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

If you have used SharePoint 2007 and have moved to SharePoint 2010 you might have noticed that the toolbar is missing from the top of the asset picker. The user experience is horrible due to the fact that this toolbar is missing. A user needs to upload the image to the appropriate library first before […]

SharePoint Conference 2009 (“SPC09”) Postmortem

23 October, 2009 (13:19) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

The Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009 (“SPC09”) has finally come to a close and I hope to wrap up my thoughts about what I saw at the conference in this post. I first need to say that this has by far been the best conference I have attended. This is not necessarily because of all the […]

SharePoint 2010 Conference Keynote thoughts

19 October, 2009 (12:37) | Conference, SharePoint | By: Liebrand

Generally speaking, most of what was shown during the keynote can be seen in the SharePoint 2010 Overview videos available on the website. However, here are a few things that caught my attention that I am not sure I knew: Full development support on Windows Vista/Windows 7 Development Sandbox environments I am also really excited […]