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Category: Tools

Adobe Acrobat X and SharePoint – close, but no cigar

17 May, 2011 (17:18) | SharePoint, Tools | By: Liebrand

Adobe X was released at the end of last year and one of the feature points announced was “Native, seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint”.  On the surface, everything appears to work correctly and solved one of the main issues with Adobe Acrobat with SharePoint I blogged about in the past. Recently discovered that it is […]

My friend IDrive

14 February, 2010 (13:15) | Tools | By: Liebrand

A few years ago after I experienced numerous hard drive failures and almost losing my entire photo collection I decided to invest in an online backup strategy. After evaluating a few options, I decided to go with IDrive and I have been extremely happy. It costs about $4.95 per month for 150 GB of storage. […]

Gmail Productivity Tip

14 October, 2009 (20:29) | Google, Tools | By: Liebrand

I must have been living under a rock to only have been shown a feature of Gmail that has been around for awhile. I am not even sure what the “feature” is called but I am going to totally start using it when signing up for sites that may potentially generate a lot of spam. […]

Muhimbi MuSH – URL Shortener for SharePoint

26 June, 2009 (07:32) | SharePoint, Tools | By: Liebrand

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the Muhimbi for shipping MuSH; their version of the URL shortener for SharePoint. As many of you know I have been working on and off on my open sourced version for sometime now and it is good to finally see someone else attempting to tackle the same […]

Typemock Isolator for SharePoint – Unit Testing

25 November, 2008 (16:40) | SharePoint, Tools | By: Liebrand

Typemock has announced a product for unit testing SharePoint. “Microsoft SharePoint 2007 is a browser based collaboration and document management platform for software and web development. Unit-testing SharePoint applications is only possible with Typemock Isolator. Isolator is the only tool that can ease unit testing large and complex application like SharePoint. With the ability to […]

Useful SharePoint Utilities

3 October, 2008 (08:04) | SharePoint, Tools | By: Liebrand

A recent update to one of the utilities I use on a regular basis prompted me to write this post which I have been wanting to do for a long time. Carsten Keutmann develops SharePoint utilities that I consider essential to my administration / development toolkit. The utilities I am talking about is SharePoint Manager […]

Google Chrome Browser

2 September, 2008 (09:04) | Google, Tools | By: Liebrand

  I am pretty excited about the innovating ideas Google is adding to their open source browser currently known as Chrome. If you have not heard yet, Google will be releasing a beta of the Windows version of their web browser. It features things like Multiprocessing, process sand boxing, private browsing, etc. I am a […]

IE7Pro – The Ultimate Add-On for Internet Explorer

29 November, 2007 (03:12) | Tools | By: Liebrand

The is a must have add-on for anybody that uses IE7 and likes some of the functionality like Fire Fox has such as spell checking, inline searching, and crash recovery. Check it out! IE7Pro – The Ultimate Add-On for Internet Explorer