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SharePoint + Word + Metadata + Spaces = Death

16 January, 2012 (11:08) | Office, SharePoint | By: Liebrand

This morning I received an interesting support ticket.  The reported issue was that when clicking a document from SharePoint it would completely freeze the browser and Word.  I tried it from my desk and was able to reproduce the issue. It was only occurring with a specific document. Immediately I thought this form must be […]

“Set as default My Site”, “SharePoint Sites”, or “My SharePoint Sites” missing in Office 2010 on SharePoint 2007?

27 September, 2011 (10:15) | Office, SharePoint | By: Liebrand

If your organization is rolling out Windows 7 with Office 2010 in your environment but you are still using SharePoint 2007 you might notice that the “Set as default My Site” option is no longer working. Clicking this link is crucial to enabling the Office / SharePoint integration points. If you do not already know […]

Is it really that difficult to create numbered lists in Word?

19 September, 2011 (11:31) | Office, Rant | By: Liebrand

A really poorly styled Word document lead me to write this blog post today to rant!  Is this really that difficult?  I see it all the time – people constantly screwing around with the numbered lists in documents. They decide to re-number something but they change the number and the rest of the numbers change, […]

Programmatically Accessing Message Classification in Exchange 2007 in a Custom Transport Agent

15 September, 2010 (09:48) | .NET, Exchange, Office, Outlook | By: Liebrand

Microsoft introduced the notion of Message Classification ( in Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007. This allowed an organization to classify email and then generate transport rules that routed or manipulated those messages based on that classification. Out of the box, Microsoft provides a list of actions ( that can be performed in a transport rule. […]

Document is locked for editing – Part 2

12 April, 2010 (11:02) | Office, SharePoint | By: Liebrand

In 2008 I made a post about the infamous “locked for editing” message many people experience while using Office with documents stored in SharePoint. This post addressed the issue that can occur outside the normal “locking” mechanism Office and SharePoint. I recently had a problem where I attempted to edit an Excel spreadsheet and I […]

SharePoint / Office 2007 and random authentication pop up's with “My SharePoint Sites” (Memberships)

25 January, 2009 (13:18) | Office, SharePoint | By: Liebrand

Update – 7/2/2009 The Office 2007 hotfix (KB970950) is now available to download: The specific bullet that resolves this problem states the following: “When you view folders that are listed under My SharePoint Sites in the Open dialog box or the Save As dialog box in a 2007 Office application, you are prompted for […]

SharePoint Calendar Reminders in Outlook 2007: Part 2

4 June, 2008 (14:05) | Office, SharePoint | By: Liebrand

By default, Office will not generate reminders for items created on a SharePoint calendar that is connected to Outlook. A few months ago I wrote a post about how you can use RSS feeds and Outlook rules to generate your own “reminders”. However, it still seems to be a little known fact that once your […]

Office 2007 Search Commands – Download Available

1 May, 2008 (07:04) | Office | By: Liebrand

Microsoft has released its Office Search Commands, formally code named “Scout”,  utility which allows you to search for commands in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Just type in a phrase such as insert table and the ribbon will be filtered down to just show you options that match that criteria. The following is an example of […]

Outlook 2007 / Disappearing RSS Feeds – Hotfix

3 April, 2008 (12:03) | Office | By: Liebrand

If you search around the Internet you will see that many people have experienced the issue with Outlook 2007 and RSS feeds a) disappearing, or b) stop working altogether. I worked with Microsoft and finally got a hotfix that resolves this issue. The KB article can be found here: I have been using a […]

SharePoint 2007 alerts do not open in Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2003

7 February, 2008 (21:50) | Exchange, Office, SharePoint | By: Liebrand

We have been dealing with the infamous issue that occasionally prevents Outlook 2007 from opening SharePoint 2007 (“SharePoint”) alerts when the client is running in cached mode. This may be old news to some but the solution was recently brought to my attention. A friend of mine pointed me to a Microsoft knowledge base article […]