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SharePoint 2013–Setting Default My Site

28 February, 2014 (07:53) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

I’ve made a couple posts in the past around how to set your Default My Site with SharePoint 2007 by clicking the “Set as Default My Site” button when visiting your My Site.  This option does not exist in SharePoint 2013 so how do you go about setting your default My Site to take advantage of the Office features that get enabled?

The only way I have found to do this in SharePoint 2013 is to navigate to any document library (including the one on your SkyDrive) and then click the Library tab and then click Connect to SharePoint Sites. If your My Site has not been set as your default, you’ll get the following dialog box:


If you click Yes then you’ll get the following registry key written to your computer:


And you’ll see a string value called PersonalSiteUrl and the value will be the URL to your My Site.

NOTE: If you delete the LinkPublishingTimestamp entry from this registry location and start an Office product such as Word or Excel, within a few minutes it will require the list and hydrate the SharePoint Sites location on your computer.

If you are switching to another version of SharePoint or the URL for your My Site has changed, you may see the following dialog:


From here on, your Office client will query the following address to get a list of sites you are a member of or that you have connected using that button:


A few years ago I made a utility to allow you to query this service and see the results of the items that should get pushed to your desktop via Office. The utility still works against SharePoint 2013 and to download it and get more information visit this post:

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