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SharePoint 2013 – Get the most out of SharePoint dialog explained

26 February, 2014 (20:49) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

The purpose of this post is to hopefully to add some clarity around the “Get the most out of SharePoint” dialog box that appears when visiting your My Site for the first time.


What is the purpose of this dialog box?  As shown above, if the user clicks “Ok” it essentially changes the privacy settings around the newsfeed so other people can see it (which of not public by default). If the user clicks “No Thanks” then nothing happens (unchecking the box and clicking Ok effectively does the same thing).

Once the user clicks Ok or No Thanks the My Site Instantiation Timer Jobs take over which run every minutes. The timer jobs finalize the configuration of the My Site and remove the “We’re Almost Ready” message. By default, the timer jobs run every minute.


You can tell the timer job has completed successfully when the “We’re almost ready!” message disappears and is replaced with the micro blogging feed.


You’ll also notice some additional links appear on the left side (blogs, apps, etc). When clicking on your SkyDrive link at the top you should be presented with your Documents library.

Let’s discuss an additional scenario you might be faced with. Let’s say you are upgrading from a previous version of SharePoint to SharePoint 2013 and your users already have My Sites. The “Get the most out of SharePoint” dialog box will look slight different and this next part is extremely important.


Upgraded from previous version of SharePoint?

If SharePoint detects the user has an existing My Site you will have an additional option that states “One library is all you need!”  If you read the description it states “Move your existing My Site documents to your SkyDrive Pro, the place to store, sync, and share your work.”.

What does this option mean? 

If the user clicks Ok at this point then SharePoint will essentially move all of your document libraries from your previous My Site into folders under your SharePoint 2013 documents location (the SkyDrive link at the top). I personally like this experience in SharePoint 2013 but if you want to leave everything as individual document libraries (aka apps) then be sure to uncheck this option.

Once again – since the instantiation is happening within a timer job the “conversion” could take a few minutes. You’ll get a message like this:


As the message states, you can navigate away because it is all being converted in the background. At some point you’ll notice all your content has been moved to your SkyDrive section.

What happens if I clicked “No Thanks” but I have changed my mind and decided I want to switch to One library?

There is no button or option I could find on the My Site to trigger this dialog box again. However, I discovered a few ways to make it come up again.

Option 1

– Navigate to your My Site (Newsfeed, SkyDrive or Sites)

– In the address bar, put the following: (NOTE: If you are not upgrading from a previous My Site, omit the &HasMySite=1 option)

javascript:SP.SOD.loadMultiple([‘SP.UI.Dialog.js’, ‘core.js’], function() {{SP.UI.ModalDialog.showPlatformFirstRunDialog(‘http://mysiteurl/_layouts/15/InitialSetup.aspx?HasMySite=1’, RefreshOnDialogClose);}})

WARNING: If you cut and paste this into your address bar, IE may remove the javascript piece so just manually add it back in.

Upon hitting enter, the dialog box will appear and you can click “Ok” and the instantiation of your My Site will begin.

Option 2

In the User Profile Service Application via Central Admin, add the First Run Experience user property and then navigate to the users My Site and change the following options:

Personal Site Capabilities <blank>
First Run Experience 14
Personal Site Instantiation State <blank>

Once you have saved these settings for that user, when they navigate to their My Site they will get the dialog box again.

Option 3

Alternatively, you can simply navigate to your My Site and then go to the following URL:


This option will function correctly but it will not close or redirect so it is not as elegant.

If I previously checked the box “Let’s get social” and I’ve changed my mind will the above process work if I bring the dialog box up again and then uncheck it before clicking “Ok” or “No Thanks”?

No. There is no code to revert the privacy settings on this dialog box. You should only use these methods if the user click No Thanks or unchecked either one of the boxes and have changed their minds and primarily if you you want to consolidate down to one library from a previous My Site.

With that being said, you can simply run the ShareAllSocialData($false) in PowerShell against the specific user profile.

For example:

$site = Get-SPSite "http://mysiteurl"
$context = Get-SPServiceContext $site
$pm = New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager($context)
$profile = $pm.GetUserProfile("domain\account")


You can also check or uncheck the following User Profile properties which effectively do the same thing:

People I Follow

Activities I want to share in my newsfeed

An end user can change their privacy settings directly on their My Site by doing the following:

  • Click the drop down on your name and then click About Me
  • Click edit your profile
  • Click the … button and then select Newsfeed Settings


  • Check/Uncheck the People I Follow and Activities I want to share in my newsfeed

What if you want disable the First Run Experience altogether?

There is already a post out on the Internet that explains how to do this via SharePoint Designer (see but there is another way of doing it via a registry setting on the SharePoint servers.

Add the following key on the SharePoint WFE’s and it will effectively disable the first run experience:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\15.0\NoFirstRun

Hopefully you find this information useful.

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