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Month: February, 2014

SharePoint 2013–Setting Default My Site

28 February, 2014 (07:53) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

I’ve made a couple posts in the past around how to set your Default My Site with SharePoint 2007 by clicking the “Set as Default My Site” button when visiting your My Site.  This option does not exist in SharePoint 2013 so how do you go about setting your default My Site to take advantage […]

SharePoint 2013 – Get the most out of SharePoint dialog explained

26 February, 2014 (20:49) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

The purpose of this post is to hopefully to add some clarity around the “Get the most out of SharePoint” dialog box that appears when visiting your My Site for the first time.   What is the purpose of this dialog box?  As shown above, if the user clicks “Ok” it essentially changes the privacy […]

SharePoint 2013 Edit vs. Contribute – What the hell happened?

20 February, 2014 (21:38) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

Today I discovered an interesting change to the security model in SharePoint 2013. Create a new team site with the three (3) default groups: Visitor, Members, and Owners.  Without observing this too closely I noticed that people I added to the Members group were able to completely change all the pages and delete lists. I […]