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SharePoint 2010 “Create New Site” Silverlight Bug?

19 December, 2012 (13:01) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

I was recently attempting to setup a very specific security model in a SharePoint 2010 environment that I have used in a SharePoint 2007 environment. After I configured the necessary permission levels and SharePoint groups, I went to create a new site and found out that the interface was not displaying the options as I expected.

After clicking Site Actions > New Site and then More Options, I expected to see the option Use same permissions as parent site disabled. Instead, it was defaulted and I could easily switch between Use unique permissions and Use same permissions as parent site without any problems.

12-19-2012 12-49-09 PM

Without changing anything related to permissions, I decided to disable Silverlight and revert SharePoint 2010 to the old interface and test it that way.  To my surprise, it worked as expected.

12-19-2012 10-51-24 AM

After enabling Silverlight again I decided to experiment with the Permission Levels and discovered that if I unchecked the Add and Customize Pages option, the Silverlight interfaced would then display correctly.

12-19-2012 12-53-34 PM

Notice the Use same permissions as parent site is currently disabled.

12-19-2012 12-55-30 PM

Does anyone know why the Add and Customize Pages permission level would impact the Silverlight UI in this manner or is there something else I am doing wrong?  This seems like a bug in my opinion.

I am running SharePoint 2010 14.0.6120.5000 (KB2687564).

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