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SharePoint consistently prompting for user credentials

2 April, 2008 (07:04) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

"Why is SharePoint consistently requesting for user credentials?"

This is a question I see on a regular basis when people are using SharePoint and usually the solution is relatively simple.  Hopefully this post will help people through the different options to eliminating this frustrating credential popup screen.


Scenario 1 : Users are part of a domain

If you are receiving the credential popup screen when your users are part of the domain this normally means the site is not falling into the correct Internet Explorer security zone. Take note of the security zone the SharePoint site is part of when you navigate to it.  The security zone can be seen in the lower right corner of Internet Explorer.


The zone should read Intranet or Trusted Sites; if it reads Internet (as shown above) this is likely the cause of your credential popup issue. To resolve this simple add the URL of your SharePoint site to the appropriate zone (Intranet or Trusted).

The following screen shots demonstrate adding the site to the Trusted Zones:



NOTE: If your SharePoint site is NOT using SSL, make sure you uncheck the box Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone prior to adding it.

If you did this successfully, the security zone should now read Trusted Sites.

If you continue to get the user credential popup after making this change then you need to also check the settings for the Trusted Sites zone.

You want to make sure that the User Authentication > Logon is set to Automatically Logon with current user name and password is set. You can get to this setting by clicking on Trusted Sites and then clicking Custom Level and scroll right to the bottom.

Scenario 2 : Users are not part of the domain but have a valid user name and password

The best way to have a seamless experience with SharePoint in this scenario is to add the SharePoint server, user name, and password to the managed passwords feature of Windows. Once added, anytime you access a resource that matches that server name, Windows will automatically pass it the credentials thus eliminating the popup screens.

To access the managed password feature of Windows (, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Open the User Accounts dialog box.
3. Open the Stored User Names and Passwords dialog box by clicking on the Manage my network passwords button


4. Click the Add button and type your SharePoint URL (without HTTP), user name, and password, for example:


5. Click OK

Now you should be able to access your SharePoint resources without being prompted for credentials since Windows will handle that for you automatically.

Obviously, the downside to this is if you change your password, you will need to come back here to update it or you may land up getting the popup screens again.

Hopefully this helps and if anyone else has any other tricks they have used to get around this, please feel free to let me know.


Are you using Vista and none of the solutions above are solving your problem?  Check out this Microsoft KB article:

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  • Anthony

    Thanks! We had a visiting computer accessing our site and encountering the continued prompting for credentials. Adding to “Local Intranet” and setting to save passwords worked like a champ!

  • Anthony

    Thanks! We had a visiting computer accessing our site and encountering the continued prompting for credentials. Adding to “Local Intranet” and setting to save passwords worked like a champ!

  • Awesome! I am glad this post assisted you.

  • Awesome! I am glad this post assisted you.

  • Awesome! I am glad this post assisted you.

  • Kaustubh

    Hi… Great Info.
    Thanks a lot….

  • Sei Kal

    Excellent suggestion. In my case, there was a gif which didn't even have read permissions for domain users. Thanks a lot man!

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  • Cjohnrun

    Thanks Paul – Scenario 2 worked for me.

  • this is really a pain. it happens to me even when the sharepoint site isn’t open – yet still specifies a sharepoint address

  • Marlon

    I have this exact problem myself. Maybe a post on SharePoint would help

  • newbee

    Many Thanks !! You saved the day.

  • Rajiv

    Thanks Loads..
    I had been twisted up applying the setting in the Local Intranet instead of the Trusted Sites..


  • Scott

    Thanks – doing both parts of Scenario 1 resolved the issue I was having with a customer.

  • getske

    worked like a sharm for me. Was looking into it for days before I eventually found this

  • Hi,
    Any idea how to handle the same issue in iPad??

  • Jude,
    Unfortunately not. The iPad has no notion of remember passwords for specific URL that I am aware of.

  • SPAdam

    Its a known issue and there could be multiple causes for SharePoint Keeps Asking for Password Every time. As stated, Try adding your site to “Trusted Sites” list in Internet Explorer as the first step.

    Find other possible workaround to fix this issue at:

  • Yogesh

    We are using SharePoint 2013 Anonymous Web application but only in IE 8 getting Loging promt how can resolve it