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Month: January, 2008


26 January, 2008 (01:32) | Comic, Xbox | By: Liebrand

Xbox 360 Anyone?

25 January, 2008 (21:39) | SharePoint, Xbox | By: Liebrand

Yes — this is not SharePoint related per se, however, I am a huge Xbox 360 fan — anyone else in the SharePoint community up for some gaming?  Hit me up! Call of Duty 4 consumes most of my free hours now. My gamer tag is Wraiith and you can see my gamer card at […]

Document is locked for editing

4 January, 2008 (15:12) | SharePoint | By: Liebrand

At some point in time, you will run into the DocumentName is locked for editing by ‘Username’ message when working with SharePoint. Most of the time, this is a very valid message and is notifying the user that someone else is already editing the document.   However, what happens when the message has your name […]